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I’m sitting in a coffee shop looking at my emails on my laptop and I can’t help looking around, like I always do, and I see this one hot guy sitting at a table across from me. And I can’t help but think what would happen if I could just will him to come over to me. If I could magically just make him know how much I don’t want to get to know him, how much I really don’t want to just talk, but I’d really rather just go upstairs to my apartment and have him do exactly what I’d want him to do.

And then it occurs to me, many women think they know exactly what they would want a man to do to them, but really they don’t have the slightest idea. So I decide that I’m going to actually think, if I could will this guy over to my place, what would I have him do to me.

Personally I like it when the guy starts off with control and not only tells me what he wants, but makes me do it. So in my mind he’d be sitting on the couch and he’d tell me to come and sit next to him. We talk a little and mean while he always has a hand on me somewhere. He should have one hand on my face brushing hair off or possibly a hand on my leg, possibly slowly raising my skirt as we are talking. And not a hard grip or anything like that, I’d much rather a sweet gentle touch to give more of a teasing feeling.

As we both start to kiss, I’d like him to leisurely work his way down my neck with tender kisses while uses both his hands on my body. One hand around my neck or shoulders to hold me in against him, while the other hand works its way up shirt and gently caresses my breast. His holding my neck against him makes me feel like he’s in control while the other hand feeling me up and the gentle kisses on my neck work together in getting my heart beating faster, it gets me wet, and excited for what’s to come. He would then take off my tank top, and the kisses would be a slow progression downward. This would get me extremely wet and I can almost feel a moan coming out. Then comes off the skirt and I’m lying there with only my underwear off while he is still fully dressed. When his mouth gets to the top of my underwear, he’d bite it and drag off my underwear with only the help of his mouth. This slow tease would drive me crazy. Then he pushes my legs open and makes way for his head. His hands move around and softly caress my ass. He then kisses the very top of my pussy and works his way down, and then licks my clit gently. Then he slowly works his way down toward my pussy and shoves his tongue as far deep into my pussy as he grabs my ass firmly and pulls it in toward his head. All of this slow teasing and then this tongue going deep into my pussy is the great combination of tease and then force. To be honest nothing gets me wetter than that. He sticks his tongue in and out of my pussy making ever so wet, wanting so damn much. And just as I want more and more and just as I realize how hungry I am for cock, he stops, sits up, unzips his jeans and pulls it down and takes out his hard cock. He looks over here and says “well get over here.”

At this point I’m just so wet, and so damn hungry for cock, the thought of a cock in my mouth just makes me so excited I basically leap forward and grab his cock and start downing it as deep as it can go. He puts his hands on my head shoving it up and down. Showing me exactly how fast and how deep he wants it. I rub his balls as he fucks my mouth. I notice that he is starting to move his hips up and down as well and when I see that I usually take that as a hint that he wants to fuck my pussy. But now I’m so turned on that I don’t want to be told what to do anymore, I want to fuck my way. So just as he stopped when I was wanting more, I pull my head away, take his pants off as he takes his shirt off. I grab his hands and hold them behind his head as I sit on his lap. His cock is so hard and my pussy is so wet that there isn’t anything either one of us wants more than to fuck. I slowly slide his hard cock in to my extremely wet pussy and make it go as deep as it can. I lift myself up with ease at first and drop myself slowly. I continue this slowly picking up speed. Riding and grinding harder and harder on his cock.

I can feel myself getting close to the cumming point so I let him take charge again. I let go of his hands and they come around me gabbing my hips and showing me how he wants me to grind into his cock. Then his move up toward the middle of my back, he leans forward and my weight falls onto his hands. He is holding me up as he is leaning and fucking me harder than I thought possible, but damn does it feel fucking good. I can feel his grip is getting tight and tighter around me and I know it is because we are both getting close. His thrusts become harder and harder and then one long thrust after another and I cum knowing that he just did.

This is when I open my eyes and realize that is way too awesome of a fuck dream to just be in my mind. I notice that hot guy is still sitting in the table across from me. I know that fucking this guy might not be as amazing as my day dream but at this point, I’m fucking horny as hell, and he is pretty damn hot, so why not give it a shot. I put my stuff away, walk over to his table, whisper into his ear “I’m really horny and I feeling like you can help out” and I stand up and walk toward the door. As I turn to open the door, I see him grabbing all of his stuff in a hurry and rushing my way and I smile because I’m about to fuck this guys mind out. Call me at 1-800-ASS-FUCK lets masturebate

As I lie in bed, listening to the rain gently dance against my bedroom window, I couldn’t help but let my thoughts wander to the person asleep in the other room.  

Billy.  Tall, tan, muscular Billy.  His sandy blond hair and brooding hazel eyes floated through my mind.  How many nights had I spent discretely staring at him from across the living room?  How many nights had I spent hoping, with every fiber of my being, that he’d show just some sign of interest?  Considering we’ve known each other for five years, I’d guess the number is astronomical.  I have adored him since we first met in college.  And junior year, when he’d asked me to be his roommate, I couldn’t help but jump at the offer.  I hoped the close-quarters living situation would show Billy just how perfect we are for each other.  Unfortunately, all it had shown Billy is what great roommates we are.  And even now, three years later, we still share a home together.  We’d even moved to Los Angeles together after college.  Yet, we’d never shared even the slightest romantic moment - not even a kiss.  Though there have been so many instances when I could swear Billy was looking at me in the same way I’ve looked at him so many times.  There has always been a part of me that is convinced he harbors some sort of spark for me.  Yet, he’d never made so much as a move.  My body aches for him.  My mind is always on Billy - picturing him in nothing but sweatpants, imagining him pressing his lips against mine, almost feeling his toned body resting on my slender frame as his hands explore my curves and crevices.  

        I lie there, my thoughts consumed by Billy - enraptured by the idea of the two of us entangled in a passionate embrace.  Suddenly, I was startled by the sound of my bedroom door creaking open.  My vision was strained by the early morning darkness filling my room.  I peered towards the door, trying to see who was creeping in.

Billy?” I muttered, in a husky sleepy voice.  No response.  

“Who’s there?” I asked again, louder this time.  Still, no response.

I leaned upright to see if I could get a better look, but right as I sat up, a strong hand pushed me back horizontal.  I started to scream in fright, but before I could utter a sound, another strong hand pressed against my mouth.  

Oh dear God,  thought.  What’s happening?

“Don’t be frightened,” a raspy voice uttered in the darkness.  

“Just do what I say and don’t fight me and everything will be OK.”  

I nodded in compliance.  

My offender then grabbed my wrists and pushed them over my head.  With the ease of an expert, my hands were then tied to the posts of my headboard.  They were bound very tightly - enough so that I couldn’t get away, but not painfully so.  Somehow I felt some enjoyment from this lack of control.

“Is that too tight?” my offender asked in a whisper.  I shook my head.  As I started to relax, my eyes began to clear up and focus.  I peered into the dark, taking another shot at seeing my offender.  

Is that...no, it couldn’t be.  Billy?

As if reading my thoughts, my mystery man leaned in close, placing his face just inches from mine.

“Yes.  It’s me.”  I gasped in surprise, but before I could fully drink in this new development, Billy leaned even closer and pressed a passionate, deep kiss on my mouth.  I drank him in, nearly losing my breath from its intensity.  

Just as suddenly as the kiss had started, it was over and Billy was now placing a blindfold around my head.  The blind fold felt soft against my skin.  Silk maybe?  He tied it tightly behind my head, ensuring my blindness.

I lay there, bound and blind, utterly vulnerable.  Yet rather than feeling frightened or violated, shivers of excitement and anticipation danced along my body.

I felt Billy’s hands on me once again.  This time they were working my thing tank top up my torso, exposing my breasts.  My nipples immediately hardened from the cool air in my room.  Billy grabbed a breast in each hand and squeezed, moaning as my mounds pushed together.  

“God you’re sexy,” Billy rasped.  “I’ve wanted you since the night we met.”

What?!  He’s wanted me, too?

Billy moved away from my breasts, lowering his hands down to my cotton panties.  With one swift motion, he pulled them off and let them drop on the floor.  Next thing I knew Billy’s face was buried in my hot, wet pussy.  His tongue danced around my clit, teasing it and causing it to throb in anticipation.  As he worked his tongue around my cunt, he used one hand to grope my breasts, squeezing them tightly then playfully flicking my erect nipple.  

His mouth sucked and licked while his hand fondled and tweaked.  It was a sensory overload and I didn’t know how much more I could take.  As if he knew I was near my climax, he quickly pulled himself off of me.

“Now it’s my turn,” he said.  Billy crawled up my body and sat himself on my tits.  

“Open your mouth” he instructed.  I did as I was told.  Billy held my chin in his hand as he placed his large, fully-erect dick into my mouth.  I nearly choked on its length.  I always pictured him as well-hung, but even this surprised me.

        Billy then began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth.  He moaned in pleasure and began fucking my mouth harder and faster.  At times I could barely breathe, as his huge cock pushed down my throat.  He thrust, over and over again, moaning as he forced himself into my mouth.  He then gently pulled his dick out of my mouth and started tracing my lips with his head.  A tiny drop of cum fell onto my bottom lip.

“Lick it up,” he ordered.  Again, I did as I was told.  He continued wiping the head of his dick along my mouth, moaning in pleasure.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Billy asked, as he pushed himself off of me.  I nodded.  

“Do I have to be blindfolded, though?” I asked.  I liked this submissive role, but Billy was too sexy to not look at.

“Yes,” Billy responded.  “This is my fantasy and you’re going to fulfill it.”

“OK,” I muttered.

I felt Billy return to the bed, easing between my legs.  I spread them as he moved toward me.  

“Open your mouth for me again,” he said.  Like before, I complied.  Billy then placed a ball of cloth into my mouth, gagging me.

“I don’t want the neighbors to hear you scream,” he said.  

I lay there, motionless - hands tied, blindfolded, gagged and...more turned on than I have ever been.  As my thoughts started to drift to ideas of what would come next, I felt Billy force my legs as far apart as they would go.  He laid between them and began to eat me out once again.  This time his tongue devoured my clit and he used two fingers to plunge inside my wet pussy.

“You feel just how I imagined you would,” he said seductively.  “and you taste even better.”  This continued for a few more minutes.  Once he was done, he raised up and pulled himself toward me, moving his hips over mine.  

        With one great thrust, Billy pushed his large cock into my awaiting pussy.  We both moaned as he entered my warmth and drove himself deep into me.  My back arched slightly and my toes curled.

“You look like?” Billy panted.  My response came in the form of a loud moan as Billy pushed his huge cock in and out of my cunt.  I pressed myself into his thrusts, forcing his dick deep inside me.  We fucked - there is no other word for it.  We fucked hard and rough, our bodies slamming against one another.  Sweat dripped off Billy onto my face.  Our crotched rammed into each other with each thrust.  He fucked me deep and with each push I clenched my pussy around his sizable cock, causing him to moan and lurch in ecstasy.  He grabbed my tits, sucked my nipples and wrapped his hand around my neck.  I arched my back and leaned my head back, completely giving myself to him.  I was his to do with as he wanted.  Finally I could take no more.  I’ve never cum with a gag in my mouth.  How would I cry out in pleasure as I reached my orgasm?  At that moment, however, it didn’t matter anymore and my body gave in.  My pussy clenched hard as I orgasmed.  But the orgasm didn’t stop.  It kept going, reaching higher and higher levels of intensity with each contraction of my cunt.  I moaned and cried out in muffled squeals of ecstasy.  Just when I thought I could take no more, another rush flooded my body, causing shocks of pleasure to rock my body.  Billy continued fucking me through my never-ending orgasm, pushing harder and harder with each wave of orgasm.  As my body finally began to relax and waves of fulfilled pleasure began to wash over my body, Billy pulled his dick out of me.  He positioned himself on my chest and began roughly stroking his cock.  Within a few seconds, a stream of warm jizz began drenching my face.  I licked what I could from my lips.

“You like to taste me?” Billy asked as he continued to massage his cock over my mouth.  I nodded and moaned in pleasure.

        Once he was finished, he collapsed on the bed next to me.  Without uttering another sound, fulfilled exhaustion rushing over our bodies, we both fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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