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Babysitter & Dad

Missy has been babysitting for years in this neighborhood and she’s got a pretty good reputation for being a really good babysitter. And now Mr. Becker is in need of a babysitter. He is only the neighborhood’s hottest dad. And now his wife has to go out of town and she since he tends to work late nights and they have a new born, she has a feeling she’s going to get hired by them. Now she knows that nothing would ever happen between them. She’s been a babysitter for the four years she’s been in high school and she’s always been very professional about it. And though she is now about to start her senior year and about to go off to college, she still knows that nothing would ever happen. So why is she excited to work for Mr. Becker? Because he’s hot and it’d be nice to be around him. I mean, a girl can dream, right?

He gets good recommendations by his neighbors, gets her a call and of course she gets the job. He says that he needs her to come in at mid day, when he leaves for work and he’ll be coming back around 8 or 9. She’s excited and of course takes the job. It’s a easy job since the kid is only months old and spends most of the day asleep. But it’s now 6 and she hears a car parking. He’s come home early from work. He walks in and greets her and says that he got out of work early. She’s about to grab her stuff and get ready to leave but he stops her and says why don’t you hang out for a bit. We can just watch TV for a bit.  She says ok and sits back down on the couch across from him.

“Are you afraid I’ll bite?” he says while smiling. “You can sit closer you know, I promise I won’t bite….unless you want me to that is.” She smiles and then sits closer to him. She feels nervous. She feels like she’s not in total control of herself. Kind of like she’s willing to do anything he asks of her. And feeling like this is making her also feel nervous because she thinks he knows it too.

He turns to her and says “has anyone ever told you just how beautiful you are?” Missy can’t say a word, all she can do is blush and slightly giggle. She is totally under his spell and though she feels nervous, she’s not sure if she likes it or not. He has one arm stretched out on the top of the couch while the other hand slides to his crotch and he rubs it and it is then that she realizes that either he has a really big something in his pocket or he really means it when he says she’s beautiful. He says “you seem like a really nice girl. Now I’m a nice guy, aren’t I? But I’m going a tough time here without my wife. Do you think you could help me out?” Missy has a feeling she knows where he’s going with this but she’s still so under his spell she can’t say anything. She just nods. He says, “well you see, I’m just so damn horny  as you can probably see for yourself” as he says that he motions toward his crotch and she sees his huge boner. “I just wish there was something I could do. Maybe…..maybe there is something you could do to help me out.”

Missy still can’t say anything. She only nods and scoots closer and she finally says “what can I do to help?” He smiles knowing he’s got her exactly where he wants her. He unbuckles his belt, then unzips his pants, and takes his hard cock out. Missy is nervous, she doesn’t really know what to do and he senses it. So he tells her “just grab it and rub it.” So she reaches over with her right hand and starts to rub his huge cock. She’s never really done anything like this before but having his huge cock in her hand gets her feeling excited. His hand goes to the back of her neck and slowly pushes her down toward his crotch.  His cock is now in her face so she spits on it, spreads the saliva over the head of his cock and then puts his cock into her mouth. She can’t put the whole thing into her mouth because his cock is just so big, so she just plays with the head of his cock with her tongue. His hand that was on the back of her neck is now making its way toward her ass. He grabs her ass firmly, lifts her skirt, and makes way to her asshole.  He lightly fingers it and then makes his way to her extremely wet pussy. He now knows that though this might all be new to her, she is definitely loving it. He moves his fingers from her clit to up and down the lips f her pussy. He squeezes his two fingers in once, and takes it out slowly. He knows that he’s got a big cock, and he now knows that she’s got a really tight pussy. And now he wants her more than anything.

“Though you seem to be really enjoying my cock in your mouth, your pussy looks like it wants my cock as well.” She’s nervous, but she nods anyways and stands up. He widens his legs so that she can sit on top of him. She leans onto the couch with one leg, and then swings the other leg over him and is now sitting on his lap. He grabs his cock and makes the head of his cock lightly touch the lips. A light moan escapes her lips. He has the effect he wants, he knows it’s going to hurt her to have his huge cock in her tight pussy, but once in, he won’t stop until he cums. So he wants to drive her mad with desire before he even starts to fuck her. He moves his cock back and forth still only touching the lips of her pussy, with an occasional slight push into her pussy and then he takes it back out. But now she can hardly take it so she moves his hand away from his cock, and she puts his cock in alignment and slowly sits down feeling his huge cock push its way into her very tight pussy. She moans a bit because it hurts, but she’s so wet and hungry for his cock she takes it all and she loves it. He’s surprised that she’s now taking control. But he loves it. He wants to have her with all the control. She’s now totally sitting on his cock and she’s going up and down slowly. As she does this he unbuttons her shirt until her bare breasts are in his face. He sucks on one of her breasts and she loves it because she’s now moaning louder. She’s now building speed in her thrusting. And with each thrust she is grinding harder and harder. Now he has both his hands on both of her breasts. His hands now start to move down toward her hips. Now that’s he’s getting close to cumming he wants her to ride his cock exactly the way he wants it. He makes her go faster and faster, and he’s getting close to his climax so he makes her focus more on grinding then speed so she’s grinding hard, and he moves one of his hands to her clit and just as he does so he can tell he found the magic combo for her because just as she is grinding hard and he’s rubbing her clit, she cums yelling loudly, and having seen that she’s cum, he now cums in the tightest pussy he’s ever had.