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              It was my first time taking the train from Los Angeles to Dallas.  Usually when I visited my parents, I flew, but this time I decided to make an adventure out of it.  I planned to take the train to Dallas then purchased a one-way ticket to LA for the trip home.  I figured a two day trip on the train would give me some time to relax and a fun way to get in some sight-seeing.  I reserved a sleeper car, which provided me with a small bed, two pretty comfortable chairs and a table.  Rather than taking my meals in my room, I opted to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining car.  Why not be social?  And little did I know, just how social I would be. 

              I had already been on the train nearly eight hours when it was time for dinner.  I’d booked a 7 o’clock reservation and made my way to the dining car around 6:45.  When I arrived, I noticed most of the tables were full, but the hostess found a spot for me at a table where an older couple, a young girl and a 30-something man were seated.  I squeezed in next to the man and smiled at my dinner companions.  It turned out that the young girl was the granddaughter of the older couple and they were taking the train from Los Angeles to Chicago.  The 30-something man was, like me, traveling solo.  We struck up casual conversation and after about 15 minutes, the older couple and their granddaughter finished their meal and headed back to their rooms, leaving the man and me at the table by ourselves. 

He looked like a businessman of some sort.  He was dressed in a beautifully tailored button-down shirt in periwinkle blue.  The color made his eyes, which were a similar shade, all the more dazzling.  He wore khaki pants, though his shirt was not tucked in.  He seemed a bit overdressed for the train, but he looked like the type who didn’t really know the word casual.  His hair was light brown and cut short, though stylish.  He was quite tall and beneath his clothes, he looked to be lean and toned, though not jacked with muscles.

Just my type, I caught myself thinking.  His name was Matt and he was riding the train to San Antonio for business.  He explained how he took the train whenever he could, as it provided him time to work, relax and avoid the pains of the airport.  A bit eccentric, considering the difference in travel time, but he seemed to be a man who had enough money to be as eccentric as he pleased. 

We each ordered wine with our meals and sat at our table, drinking and getting to know one another.  He had an easy way about him and a dry wit--two things I appreciated in a man.  Our conversation flowed like a river, as the wine made it sway to our heads.  Needless to say, I was quite happy I’d decided to dress fairly nice for dinner, now that I had such an interesting dining companion.  I wore a black knit dress that cut into a V in the front.  My breasts weren’t extremely large, but they were perky.  This particular dress accentuated my cleavage, then cut in at my waist--showing off my flat tummy and narrow hips.  The garment hit midway down my thigh, which I loved, as my legs were my personal favorite.  I wore my long blond hair pulled back in a loose twist, accentuating my long neck and showing off my nearly perfect facial bone structure.  Not that I was fully of myself, but my parents had each given me their best genes and I’d been told all my life what a natural beauty I was.  Whether I agreed or not isn’t the point.  All I know is, it took me very little time to look pretty damn good, so who was I to argue with that?

After our entrees and before dessert, Matt and I each ordered a third glass of wine.  We sipped slowly, neither of us seeming to want this to end. 

“You know,” Matt said, as he pulled his wallet out to settle his bill.  “I have some beverages in my car, if you wanted to join me in another drink or two.”

I looked up from my own bill and smiled, placing cash on the table.  “That’d be nice,” I said.  “Though, don’t go thinking I’m easy just because you’re getting me back to your place so quickly.”  We both laughed as we got up and moved through the dining car, Matt leading me to his room.  He, too, had reserved a sleeper car, which was very tidy.  The bed was folded up, leaving two chairs with a table in between.  I took a seat in one of the chairs, folding my legs in.  “These sleeper cars aren’t exactly spacious,” Matt said.  “But they do they’re definitely roomier than an airplane seat.” 

“I’m loving the train,” I said.  “This is my first time and I’ve never been so relaxed while traveling before.  I may become a regular.”  We chatted a bit more about the train as Matt got two glasses and poured each of us a Vodka Tonic. 

“Sorry I don’t have any limes.”  I laughed.  “What kind of bar is this?” I teased. 

We sat in the sizable leather seats, drinking and talking for nearly an hour.  As the minutes ticked by, our interaction became more and more friendly.  His hand brushed my leg a few times before it rested on my thigh.  He was leaning forward in his seat slightly, hanging on my every word, gazing into my eyes.  As I talked, I felt my cheeks flush under his stare.  At one point, I touched my fingers to my cheek, a habit I fall back on when I’m nervous.  Before I could bring my hand down, his fingers were laced through mine.  He brought our hands to the table and began softly caressing my fingers.  I felt myself begin to talk a bit faster, yet another nervous tick of mine.  I was in the middle of a story about my trip to Seattle when Matt pulled me towards him across the table.  His lips met mine.  He kissed me softly at first, pulling away for a split second to gauge my reaction.  All I could do was smile.  Our mouths met again, this time he kissed me with passion, his tongue gently making it way toward mine.  I kissed him back, as little sparks began flickering inside me.  Our mouths parted again and Matt stood up, folding the table away.  He sat back in his seat and pulled me onto his lap.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into him. 

Beneath us, the train rattled along the tracks, creating stimulating vibrations from my feet to my head.  The train plugged along, rocking us gently against each other.  As we continued to kiss, Matt began moving his hands along the outside of my dress--first he caressed my bare shoulders, then cautiously moved inward to my breasts.  I kissed him harder as his hands began to gently squeeze my tits. 

“This needs to come off,” he said, fingering my garment. 

“As does this,” I said, lightly pulling at his shirt.  He kissed me again as his hands found the hem of my dress.  Our lips parted as he slid the dress over my head.  I then went to work unbuttoning his dress shirt.  Underneath, it revealed a toned, tanned chest, with a sprinkling of well-trimmed chest hair.  I ran my hands over his skin, before sliding the shirt off his arms.  I stood up, clad in a red, lace bra, matching panties and my red high heels, which I wore to add some color to the black dress.  I moved to the door of his room, which was basically a window on hinges.  I pulled the curtain tight, pressing the Velcro edges together.  I turned around to find Matt also standing.  He had taken off his slacks and stood in nothing but a pair of gray, Calvin Klein boxer-briefs.  As I had guessed earlier, he was long and lean, with definition in all the right places.  I stepped towards him, running my hands over his chest and too his flat stomach.  I fingered the hair right above the hem of his boxers.  Matt ran his hands over my shoulders, then placed one on each side of my face.  He pulled me towards him and pressed his lips to mine. 

“You are so sexy,” he said into my mouth.  I wrapped my arms around his lean waist as he kissed me--our mouths wet and hot with passion and desire.  He then sat back on the seat and pulled me onto his lap.  With one swift movement, he unclasped my bra.  My tits sprang out, perky and taut.  He squeezed each one then leaned down and began kissing my cleavage.  I ran my hands through his hair as he nibbled and sucked each nipple.  Beneath our lusty bodies, the train rocked down the track.  I moaned as his tongue flicked each nipple, sending electricity through my needy body.  I could feel his cock growing, beneath the thin fabric of his shorts.  It pressed into my thigh and I knew I was in for a pleasure-filled night. 

I threw my legs over the arm of the chair, stretching out across Matt’s la.  His mouth moved down my body, from my tits to my stomach.  He kissed and nibbled my flesh as I arched my head back and surrendered to the sensations swimming through me.  He slid my red panties down my legs, leaving them around my ankles.  I now laid across him, completely naked except for my red high heels.  His mouth returned to me again, making its way to my wet, hot pussy.  He lightly sucked on my clit as I moaned and squeezed him tightly in my arms.  His hands were on my ass, lifting my pussy up to his mouth.  He squeezed me as his tongue circled my throbbing clit.  I arched my back, pushing myself into him even more.

“Don’t stop,” I panted.  His hands tightened around my ass again as he gently nibbled my flesh.

I dropped one hand from around his shoulder and searched for his cock.  It was bulging through his shorts.  I slid my hand through the front flap and felt it spring free.  I wrapped my hand around the head of his dick and began to massage it.  A deep moan came from the pit of Matt’s chest as I worked his cock in my hand.  I then began stroking his length, tightening my hand a bit for added pressure.  He moaned into my pussy, as his tongue slid in and out of my slick slit. 

I lightly fingered his boxers.  “These need to come off,” I said, repeating his earlier instructions.  He laughed and raise his head, his lips glistening with my juices.  I stood up to let him remove his shorts and kicked the panties away that were still around my ankles.

Matt returned to his seat, leaning back this time.  With his hands firmly on my hips, he turned me away from him, then pulled me down onto his lap.  His aim was perfect and as I sat, I felt his long cock slide into my pussy.  I moaned with pleasure as I carefully fell onto him.  We fell into sync with the movement of the train, rocking gently against each other.  His arms were around me, his hands grasping my tits.  It was slow but deep, his cock hitting my inner depths with each thrust.  He squeezed my tits harder and pinched my nipples.  I softly squealed as more electric sparks danced through me. 

“Lean forward,” he instructed.  “Put your hands on the other chair.”  I leaned forward until my hands were firmly set on the seat of the other chair.  Matt moved with me, his cock still throbbing inside me.  I was now standing, bent over with Matt pressed against me from behind.  He placed his hands on the headrest of the seat and began thrusting a bit harder. 

“Pop your ass up,” he ordered.  So I did.  With one hand still on the headrest, he moved the other and squeezed my ass.  I pushed into him, his cock pounding deeper and deeper into me.  He then slapped my ass, hard.  I squealed as pangs of pleasure and pain soared through my body.  He slapped it again.  I pressed my ass harder into him.  He then brought his hand up to my right tit, squeezing it hard.  I thrust my ass against him.  He pinched and twisted my nipple again.  I moaned as waves of pleasure flooded my body.  Outside the door we could hear people moving about, but we didn’t care.  He slapped my ass again, hard and loud.  Sting pain heated the area only making me hotter.

“Pull my hair,” I said, panting.  Matt reached up and grabbed my hair, yanking my head back.  He held me there as he continued to pound his cock deep into my pussy.  A few minutes later I felt the warm pleasure of climax begin to fill my body.  My knees became weak and I started to tremble.

“I’m about to cum,” I said.  He pulled my hair harder, arching my neck even further.  I pushed my ass into him, riding the wave of orgasm.  He let my hair go as my body began to melt.  Slap!  Stinging heat burned yet again over my ass cheek.  He put his hands on my hips and forcefully pulled me into him a few more times, my pussy now dripping with pleasure.  I heard a low, deep grumble come from Matt as more wetness filled me.  I collapsed forward on the seat, Matt still inside me. 

Yeah, I’m definitely going to start taking the train more often, I thought, as utter bliss and relaxation swept through my satisfied body.

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