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And then, surprisingly, we stayed in touch via e-mail for the next couple of days. It was intense, erotic, crazy... we were both married, both late 40s... she lived close to my office... She told me she was thinking about me, knew it was crazy, invited me over ... then changed her mind and said she couldn't. She was already out of her comfort level, and that we needed to sever ties, now...
I told her no problem, I wasn't going to force her into anything... but would still stay in touch. I didn't intend to reach out for a few weeks.
The next day, she texted me out of the blue to meet her at her house in 45 minutes.
I was nervous - wasn't sure why. I just knew I was glad she had asked me to meet her. I'd been thinking about her too - from her emails I thought she was smart, funny, and sexy - and I didn't really know what she looked like. But there had been sometihing there - a spark. Heat. Smoke.
Forty minutes later, I was in front of her house.
She opened the door, and I was right - she was hot. Longish auburn hair, a great figure, great lips.. I wanted to kiss her on the doorway... but it didn't seem like the time, and not just be ause her neighbors might see. She seemed to still be checking me out, deciding if this was smart or not.
We sat, we talked, it seemed like it wasn't going to be as hot as I thought it might be. She was deciding ... that she couldn't do this. She seemed dissapointed, but confident of her decision. But.. we kept talking. She kept asking questions. I thought about reaching over and kissing her.. once.. twice... at least 3-4 times..
But ... not yet. Then, a moment came... an opening. And I asked her if she wanted to kiss me...
She paused. She leaned in ... and leanded back again, resolute. Almost.
It wasn't going to happen,... I was already thinking about what I'd be doing when I returned to the office after this mid-day excursion ... and then.. she said, OK, I'll kiss you.. And she came to me... immediately. And it was good.. Her lips, her tongue, her breath.. it was all very good, very quickly... it wasn't like we started on a first kiss.. it was like we went right to the 4th or 5th kiss, when it was already getting hotter - we started at a higher level... and it got hotter, fast.
I pulled her in a little closer, and she came even closer, kissing me, leaning into me, wanting me to touch her, and I wanted to. In less than a minute, it seemed, I had my hand on her ass, then moments later on her spectacular breast, though her shirt.. and she was nibbling on my lip - and it was hot.. and then I had my hands all over her...
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