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Her hand slipped up along his leg and she leaned in seductively.  Rubbed her body against his. Her fingers cupped his balls roughly, tugging him closer.

“You know you want to fuck me.” She teased.

“You want to bend me over this conference table and slide this hard, cock up inside my wet pussy. Don’t you?” She giggled.

Her hand rubbed his dick through the thick fabric of his jeans. He inhaled her exotic perfume & breathed… “Yes. I do.” 

She slid her skirt up, exposing her round, naked ass. She bent down over the laminate wood and shoved that ass hard up against him. Moonlight danced across her naked legs and highlighted her bare ass and shaved cunt. Pussy juice glistened along the inside of her legs.

She waited. His move. What would he do now?  She expected to hear him release his cock but instead of hearing the sound of his zipper; she was surprised by his rough hand clutching her blonde hair.  He yanked it hard, forcing a surprised scream out of her mouth.

He roughly shoved her into the table. His other hand slapped hard against her ass and then began to claw mercilessly at her crisp button up. The buttons tore. Her breasts spilled out of the blouse. The tiny lace bra was not enough to protect them from his grasp. He twisted her nipple. Again she screamed.

She felt powerless, trapped between his hard body and the table. One of his hands was tangled tightly in her hair. The other hand roughly explored her breasts. She hadn’t expected this from him.  He was always quiet, subservient and in her control.

Again, he ground into her and yanked her hair harder. His hips held her tight to the table as he explored her body. He smelled strongly of grease and sweat. It was intoxicating.  It was dirty. She wiggled in his grasp, trying tease him.

He laughed. She thought she was going to control this situation. She was a top executive and he was a blue-collar machinist. She led meetings. Wore crisp business suits. He labored in a dirty, rushed machine shop.  Jeans & t-shirts were his uniform. He did the grunt work. He got his hands dirty. No one would have put them together but that was made it work. They were opposites.

This was their regular game. She would work at her mahogany desk throughout the day and then late into the night. She watched her co-workers drift out of the building. After most of them had left, she would slip her panties down over her shapely legs. Expose her pussy to the cold air.  Behind her desk, she would allow her fingers to slip in the wet folds and tease her tiny clit. She’d finger fuck herself till she was soaked and then lick the juices from her fingers.

When the offices were empty and quiet, the machine shop and manufacturing floor were still bustling. Night employees took over.  He was among them. She’d give him an hour or so to get settled before beginning their dirty, little game. 

First, she would walk through the building. She pretended to lock up but actually, it was to see if he was working. She would brush past him in her tight skirts and come-fuck-me pumps. She would ignore him. 

After which, she would sit back down behind her desk and wait.. That quick walk around the building always left her panties soaked. She knew he had watched her. Leered at her legs. Glanced at her breasts. Stared at her ass.

Her phone blinked. Him. A simple text. “Hi.”

She responded. “Do you want to fuck me with that thick, hard cock of yours?”

In return, “Yes.”

“Good. I am so wet.”

The conversation would go back and forth. Dirty thoughts. Lewd language. She would work her clit from under desk. She always controlled the situation. Sometimes, she would leave without even seeing him. He would go home and jack off to the thought of her wet pussy. Other times, she would meet him in bathroom. Tease him with her body and wrap her red lips around his dick. She would rock his world with her tongue, manicured hands and the simple view of her voluptuous cleavage. She dominated him. Pushed him around. Treated him as a subservient. She talked about fucking him but it never happened.

It wasn’t because she didn’t want to fuck him.  She did. His image always filled her mind while she rubbed her clit. She even moaned his name when she would cum all over her fingers. He knew this. She had told him but their game was about power. She wanted to control that. It was in her nature.

However, tonight he was going to change that. He would fuck her tonight and she’d cum on his cock instead of her fingers. He was going to be in control. He laughed again - a deep rumble, a mix of desire and amusement. She squirmed under his calloused hands. She trembled and squealed. The sound of her shock made his cock harden.. He rested his hand between her back and ass. His other hand tightened on her hair. He wanted her to know that, tonight, he had the power. She would submit.  He rubbed his crotch against her wet pussy. She moaned. It was soft and feminine. It made him grin.

He pushed down on her back and leaned up to her ear. His muscular body pressed hard against her. 
“Tonight I am fucking you.” He growled “You know that? Don’t you?”

He didn’t wait for her to respond. Instead, he stood up and jammed his fingers into her wet cunt. She bucked against his hand and her moan filled the room. He had his answer. His fingers rubbed her wetness. She was close to cumming but he wasn’t going to let her cum on his fingers. No. She was going to cum around his hard cock.

He reached down and unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out and stroked its length. He let go of her hair.

“Turn over… Now.” He growled.

She obeyed. She lifted up. Turned to him. She was breathless.. He brought his eyes down to her shaved pussy. Moisture glistened along her plump lips. He tightened his grip on his cock. He rubbed his hand up and down the shaft of cock. Yes, tonight, he was going to fuck that sweet pussy. He was going to going to fuck her so hard. He was going to make her cum all over his dick.

She licked her lips. Desire in her eyes. She began to bend her knees.

“No. Tonight I am fucking that pussy. “ He growled.

“Be a good girl and slide that tight ass up on the table.”

Her eyes twinkled and a devilish grin spread over lips.

“Yes, Sir.” 

She dis as he ordered. Slid her bare ass on the table and spread her legs.

“Come fuck me.” She teased. She didn’t actually expect him to take her.

However, that was all he needed. He moved over her. She arched up against him.  hHe grasped his cock and pushed her legs open wide. He rubbed his cockhead along the warm, wetness of her pussy. She ground up against his swollen cock. She gave in.

“Please.” She begged. “Please”

He wrapped his hands around her soft hip and shoved his cock deep into her cunt. She squealed. Her tight cunt hugged his cock. His balls churned and he cock burned with the desire to cum in her tight pussy. He had dreamt about fucking her pussy for so long. However, he wanted this fuck to last. He slowly pulled his cock out of her, leaving her empty. She whimpered and he responded by slamming his hard dick into her again.

He repeated the action and she arched up. He slammed into her faster and harder. He lifted her off the table and fucked her with his hand wrapped around her ass cheeks. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned deeply in his ear.

This was the fuck she had dreamed about. He was rough as her fucked her and with each moment she grew closer to cumming. She wanted to cum on his hard cock.  She wanted to feel her juices run over his hardness. She urgently fucked him. Her orgasm was growing. All she could think was… I want to cum on his cock. I want to cum on his cock. And then she did.

Her head threw back and she yelled.

“I’m cumming. Oh, god, I’m cumming. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Oh, yeah, fuck me!”

He shoved his cock into her tightening cunt. Her hard nipples rubbed along his shirt. Her breathlessness turned him on. He wanted to cum in her. He wanted to blow his load deep inside her sweet pussy. Damn was iweet pussy.