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  My vacation had only just started when I found myself swimming up to the resort’s swim-up bar.  I floated up to a bar stool and took my seat, half submerged in cool water as the warm Mexico sun glistened off my shoulders.  The bartender stood above me, on dry land.  He was currently waiting on another patron, but that didn’t stop me from giving him a long look.  He wore a black, short-sleeved collared shirt and a pair of khaki shorts.  I couldn’t see from his knees down, but based off his arms and the little bit of thigh I could see, I could only imagine the amazing calves lurking under the bar.  His tanned skin was accentuated by the black shirt and his muscles rippled.  He had dark, shaggy hair that was expertly mussed, exuding a sexy, bed-head look.  As he mixed the drink for the other guest, he looked up and spotted my gaze.  A warm smile crossed his lips and that’s when I saw his beautiful, sparkling blue eyes.  Their depth made my breath catch in my chest and I quickly looked away, trying to salvage some sense o dignity.  Once he finished with the other patron he turned his attention to me.

“First day here?” he asked as he leaned on the bar, gazing directly into my eyes.  Again, I found myself breathless.

“Yes,” I finally replied, trying to compose myself.

“What do you think so far?”

I gave him another once-over and smiled seductively.  “I like what I see thus far,” I answered.

His smile grew larger.  “So what can I get you?”

“What do you recommend?” I asked, keeping his gaze.

“I make a mean margarita, but not everyone can hold their tequila.”

I smiled again.  “Let’s do it,” I replied.  As he went about making my drink, I took the opportunity to continue surveying him from every angle.  As his back was turned, I got a good eyeful of his tight ass.  It looked great in his shorts and I could only imagine how amazing it must look out of them. 

“So, what’s the nightlife like here?” I asked, once he was turned back toward me.

“Honestly, not much.”  He started the blender and looked back at me.  “But I would be happy to play tour guide, if you want,” he continued.  He handed me my rosy red drink and I took a long sip, still holding his gaze.  I dipped my finer along the rim, layering it in sugar.  I seductively put the tip of my finger in my mouth and sucked off the sweetness. 

“That’d be great,” I finally agreed. 


              As I got ready for my tour that evening, I contemplated what the night would bring.  Part of me just wanted to spend an evening tangled up in the sheets with my guide, but at the same time, I had paid a pretty penny for this vacation and wanted to get the most out of it.  Knowing that a swim wasn’t out of the question, I wore my bikini under my sundress.  My bikini top still made my tits and ass look great and my sundress dipped just low enough to showcase my ample cleavage.  This particular dress also showed off my toned legs - sculpted to near perfection thanks to yoga - and this particular color of coral made my bronze skin glow.  I looked damn good, if I do say so myself.

                            We had agreed to meet at the bar, so I headed down a few minutes early and ordered a drink.  I’d only taken a few sips of my island rum punch when I felt a large, warm hand on the small of my back.  I turned and saw him smiling down at me.  “Hey beautiful,” he said, taking the barstool next to me. 

“Hi, handsome,” I retorted.  “Speaking of which,” I said between sips, “What’s your name?”  He looked at me, a smile on his face and his eyes sparkling.

“Brad,” he answered, sticking his hand out.

“Well, Brad, I’m Lucy.”  I put my hand out to shake his.  But rather than shaking it, he just held it, gently stroking my palm with his thumb.  “It’s a pleasure,” he finally said, seductively smiling at me.

We finished our drinks and made our way to the resort’s restaurant.  We shared a delicious dinner on the patio, over-looking the ocean.  We started with oysters and shrimp cocktail, followed by succulent tuna steaks topped with zesty mango salsa and wrapped it up with a decadent raspberry cheesecake.  The entire meal was spectacular, but only a fraction as wonderful as the company.  Brad and I talked about everything under the sun--most interesting to me, how he ended up in Mexico. 

“I just decided I didn’t want to be a lawyer,” he finally explained after describing his Ivy-lined educational path.  I smiled.  Despite loving my fast-paced career as the Editor-in-Chief of a top magazine, I could completely understand the allure behind giving it all up and making a life as a perma-vacationer. 

I opted out of a tour of the town and told Brad that I really wanted to take a night-time dip in the ocean.  Brad had not been as prepared as I had, so rather than donning his swim trunks, he merely stripped down to his boxer-briefs.

“I guess these will do,” he laughed as we tossed our clothes on the beach.  We took a refreshing dip, splashing each other, laughing and having an overall wonderful time. 

“I can’t help but think of the opening scene from Jaws,” I said as we bobbed in the waves.  He laughed and shuddered.

“Should we head back in?” he asked.  I laughed a bit.  “Better safe than sorry.”  Bu before we started making out way back to the shore, Brad moved close to me.  He placed his large hands on my hips and pulled me into him.  He brought his face very close to mine and placed a deep, wet kiss on my mouth.  Our tongues danced and shocks of unexpected heat flooded my body.  I moaned slightly, causing him to deepen the kiss.  We then broke apart, hand-in-hand, and waded back to the beach.

Once on the beach, we laid next to each other.  Sounds of the waves washed over us as we stared up at the blanket of stars.  After a few moments, Brad rolled over, propping himself up on his elbow.  He looked down into my face.

“You’re truly breathtaking,” he said after a few minutes.  I smiled up at him.  Then I placed my hands on either side of his face and pulled hi towards me.  We kissed again, more passionate this time.  Our tongues furiously massaged against one another as Brad moved his hand over my damp tummy.  His hand slid up my skin and pushed my bikini towards my neck, exposing my breasts.  Our kiss then broke.  He stared into my eyes, his twinkling in the moonlight.  His warm hand continued searching my body - moving from my breasts to my hip, then down my thigh.  His warm, wet mouth met mine again, softer this time.  I then felt his hand slide under the cloth of my bikini bottoms.  Like a heat-seeking missile, it went straight for my clit, which was now throbbing with anticipation.  He began circling it with his finger, as his tongue circled mine in my mouth.  Little shocks of pleasure ran through my body as his finger caused my pussy to melt.  Again, our kiss broke and Brad moved his lips down my body.  They first landed on my taut nipples.  He sucked each one gently and flicked them with his nimble tongue.  His lips then moved to my belly, kissing it all over.  As he kissed and nibbled, his hands went to work sliding my bikini bottoms down my thighs.  I placed my hands on the top of his head and gently nudged him down toward my hot, wet flesh.  His tongue made it way to my clit.  He sucked and nibbled as I moaned and pushed myself into his facing, urging him on.  As his tongue worked my clit, he slid two fingers into my pussy.  Gently at first, then plunging them into my depths.  I arched my back in pleasure as my pussy moistened more and more.  He thrust his fingers in and out, as his tongue continued to nibble at my throbbing clit. 

“I want you inside me,” I said, unexpectedly. 

He stopped and looked up at me.

“Already?” He inquired.  I smiled down at him, wanting him to continue, but also wanting to feel his cock inside of me.

“No,” I answered.  I sat up and pushed him into a sitting position.

“First, I want to taste you.”  I could see the bulge of his erect cock through his wet boxer briefs.  I pulled at the hem of his boxers, he lifted his ass and I slid them down his thighs.  I leaned over, putting my face right in line with his dick.  I then took him in my mouth.  I started by seductively sucking the head of his cock, moving my tongue around the very tip.  He moaned and put his hands on my head, pushing me down his length.  My head bobbed up and down as I took him in further and further.  He pushed my head down, over and over, fucking my mouth.  I gagged a few times due to his length and thickness, but I didn’t stop.  I continued thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, flicking the tip with my tongue each time I reached his head. 

After a few minutes, he stopped me, puling my head off his beautiful cock.  He pulled my face towards his and kissed me, deep and passionate.

“Straddle me,” he ordered.  I knelt, pulling my bikini bottoms all the way off and positioned myself on his cock.  I started to sit, slowly, feeling the head of his cock enter my warm, wet hole.  He thrust up a bit, pushing it in further.  We both moaned.  He leaned up and kissed me, his hands on my back, pulling me into him.  I sat all the way down on his cock, feeling the full extent of his length inside me.  We began to move, in sync, thrusting up and down as his cock moved within me.  I had my hands over his shoulders, my fingers weaving through his hair as we moved in perfect rhythm.  We panted and moaned, as our bodies writhed in ecstasy.  My fingers pulled the hair on the back of his head as his hands pulled me tighter into him, our chests pressed together.  I rode his cock harder and harder, pushing him as far into me as it would go.  I felt it hitting my cervix, sending pleasurable pain through my aching body.  I pulled his hair again, causing his head to lurch back.  He moaned loudly.

“Do that again,” he commanded.  I did.  He moaned louder this time and thrust hard into my pussy.  It was then my turn to moan in aching pleasure.

The first pangs of orgasm began flooding my body at that point.  My thighs tightened and my pussy contracted around his cock.  I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, riding the waves of orgasmic pleasure.

“I’ cumming,” I muttered as warm wetness began pooling around his cock and flowing out of me.  As the last few shocks of pleasure shot through my body, I felt him lurch into me.

“My turn,” he uttered in a breathless pant.  He thrust harder and deeper, pumping in and out of me in short, hot bursts.  Once I knew he was finished, I collapsed back onto the sand.  Brad followed on top of me, covering my mouth and cheeks in hot kisses.  We lay there for a moment, panting, our bodies quaking.  After a bit, Brad propped himself up on his elbows and looked deep into my eyes.

He smiled wickedly and asked, in a seductively raspy voice, “Shall we retire to your room, my dear?”  I smiled back at him, knowing we had a long, pleasurable night still to come--no pun intended. Call me at 1-800-ASS-LICK  1-800-277-5425 Hot Wet Phone sex. Talk to women in your local area 1-800-277-5425